Model OTMT84, OTMT85

The models OTMT84 and OTMT85 temperature transmitters with FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus or PROFIBUS® PA communication feature a universal input for temperature measurements with resistance thermometers, thermocouples, resistance sensors and voltage sources, which are possible with or without customer-specific linearisation. Differential, average or redundancy temperature measurements can be realised.

The temperature transmitters are characterised by their reliability, long-term stability, high accuracy and extended diagnostic options.

For FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, the OTMT85 is available with LAS functionality (Link Active Scheduler) and PID controller. These functionalities allow for master-independent regulations in the field instrument.

The models OTMT84, OTMT85 temperature transmitters have a polarity-independent bus connection. Due to their small dimensions, the temperature transmitters are suitable for mounting into form B connection heads in accordance with DIN EN 50446.

The temperature transmitters are delivered with a factory configuration or configured according to customer specifications within the given limits.