VFD Panel

VFD Panel


We do manufacturing assembling and installation of customized VFD Panels for Food and

Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry, Power Plant and other process industries.

Our expertise in design and engineering with rich field experience provide advanced and

compact VFD Panels to the customers for Machines, Pumps, Conveyors, Packing Machines

and other applications.

VFD Panel available for Pump Starter, FFS Packing machine, Screw Elevator, Cooling

machine, Juice Expeller, Turbo Jet Blender, Ribbon Blender, Mass Mixer, Y blender,

Conveyors and elevators.


  – VFD Starter Panels

-  VFD Control Panels

- VFD Operator Panels

- Wall mounted VFD Panels

- Pump Starter Panels

- Conveyor Control Panel