AC Drive with Flux Vector/Torque Control. supplying options for V/F, Open Loop, Closed Loop, and high-speed control. Each drive in the VFD-V series is rated for both constant and variable torque. This flux vector drive, which is NEMA 1 certified, has a 0-3000Hz V/F frequency range and has quick response, precise servo position control, and speed adjustment.

— 230V 3-phase power range: 1–50 HP; 460V 3-phase power range: 1–100 HP
— Sensorless vector control with a 1:100 speed range
— PG closed loop control with 1:1000 speed range
0Hz to 600Hz is the output frequency range.
— Variable-frequency curve
— Automated slip compensation and torque boost
— 15-step PLC operation and 16-step preset speed control
— Internal PID feedback control with a sleep/wake feature
— Optional PG encoder card for positioning and speed feedback
— 4 sets of distinct accel/decel S-curve settings and accel/decel time options