Relay/Relay Card

Relay/Relay Card

We deal and supply all types of channel relay card and relay modules for industrial applications. Most common products are given below. ‘elmex’, ‘Omron’ and ‘OEN’ manufacture various Interface Modules (IFM), essential peripherals for PLC, DCS, SCADA, CNC, and other dedicated computer systems. Relay Modules are fully integrated, composite and tested assemblies with various electrical and electronic components as well as PCBs. They offer flexibility in control layout at shop floor as well as during commissioning at site. These Interface Modules can be mounted on standard DIN Rails. The range includes Passive Modules, Relay Modules, and modules with various components like Resistors, Diodes, Capacitors, MOV, etc. the IFM with relays are specifically designed to interface low power TTL/CMOS signals to field loads upon energization of relay coil from controller signals

All Channel Relay are available in 1 c/o , 2 c/o , 4 c/o and available in 2 Channel Relay Card, 4 Channel Relay Card, 8 Channel Relay Card, 12 Channel Relay Card, Slim Relay, Mini Relay, PCB Relay, 5 PIN Relay, 8 PIN Relay, 11 Pin Relay 

Control Supply: 230V AC  and 24V DC

Relay Make: Omron, OEN, Elmex. And the switching Current upto 10A at 230VAC (or 30VDC), Low Coil Drive Current (4.7 mA to 100 mA). This is easy to replace Pluggable Relays and possibility of Bussing (Jumpering) relays in common negative or common positive configurations. Provided a LED indication to denote relay actuation and given a diode for Relay Coil Protection. Mounting Options available are DIN Rail mounting and Panel mounting.