Weighing Automation


We offer a wide range of industrial weighing systems and solutions, backed by an extensive service network across the south India. Profitability of any industrial operation that involves weighing of raw materials, in-process & finished goods, is directly related to accuracy of weight data. However, even with a high accuracy weighing equipment, the method of acquiring, recording & processing the weight data for the client, can be prone to errors & malpractices. This may cause potential leakages in revenue that are difficult to detect and audit. In many cases the cause of problem is presumed to exist with weighing equipment whereas it is actually due to conventional data acquisition & management system.

Weighing Automation & Software solutions by IPCS combine decades of experience with cutting edge technology to provide innovative, reliable, secure & scalable systems for acquisition & management of weight data.

We rely on a consultative approach to understand our customer’s specific business needs in order to provide intelligent solutions.