TX1DR is a 35 mm DIN rail mounted “all-in-one” 2-wire temperature transmitter. Its high reliability industrial design offers some rare functions, e.g. 4~20 mA or 20~4 mA selection. The transmitter converts low level input signals from field sensors to a proportional 4 – 20 mA current signal that is ideal for driving panel meters, recorders, controllers, computers and other instrumentation. TX1DR receives input from Pt100 RTD sensors through a 3-wire connection and can be designed on request for other inputs such as Pt50, Pt200, Pt500 and Pt1000. Relieved of a display, this transmitter is a cost-effective option. 1 LED on the top of the unit indicates it is operating. It is accurate to 0.1% of span. TX1DR is adjustable for 8 overlapping ranges in °C or °F and gives a temperature linear output. All selections are made by solder jumpers and it is calibrated via ‘Fine’ ZERO/SPAN potentiometers. The transmitter is powered by a 6.2 – 32 V DC loop supply. This product features Radix’s proprietary sensor-break indication technology. Types for flameproof and head mounting applications are also available. TX1DR – TC is another version of this transmitter designed for input from J, L, T, K & N thermocouples or millivolts linear input.