Intelligent Management in Factory Automation

Intelligent Management in Factory Automation infrastructure is a newly coined term that is mainly used to group every product, procedure, buildings, networks, controllers, interfaces, machinery, and assembly line that are involved in organizational structures and facilities used in the production of goods. It describes the general manufacturing environment that is defined by the ability to assemble goods mainly by machines, robotic arms, and integrated assembly lines. It is defined by the coordination with the required automatic equipment to form a complete system. The system is used as a solution for the automation and manufacturing of a particular production process of an intended output or end product. Industry 4.0 is a reality thanks to the TI system’s expertise in factory automation and control systems. TI innovation and subsystem designs help engineers design intelligent, efficient factory automated and control systems that increase flexibility, save energy and extend system life.

  • Communications to and from the cloud: Industrial wired and wireless communication system designed for today’s and future needs and standards.
  • Intelligent control: TI technology enables communication and predictive maintenance capabilities to dynamically control and optimize production in a smart factory.
  • Energy efficiency: Industry-leading power management, analog signal chain, and embedded processors achieve high system-level efficiency in smaller footprints.

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